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Hi!  I'm Lidia Martinez Prado. I was born in 1984 in Madrid, Spain and I devoted my life to Computer Engineering as well as arts and films.

I've always had a passion for animation and visual effects since I watched Jurassic Park. Before that, I was already playing videogame adventures from LucasArts. It was not a common thing for girls at the time, but I was amazed by the digital storytelling world and took a very unlikely path.

After finishing my career, which took me a while just because I was doing too many things... I started working on Next Limit, the makers of RealFlow and Maxwell Render, and then I moved to the animation industry going from local productions at Lightbox Animation Studios to huge studios like Weta Digital in New Zealand. The lack of computer engineers in the field of visual media was (and still is) an advantage for me and all of my colleagues, so I got the job.

That way I worked as a Technical Director on movies like The Jungle Book by John Favreau, Valerian from Luc Besson, The War of the Planet of the Apes or Big Friendly Giant (BFG) directed by Steven Spielberg, among some others (you can see my Imdb credits here). I reached the goal I was dreaming for way too soon. That's why after that I came back home to work on smaller projects and be with my family.

I worked a little on cute Pocoyo and then I created a company called Virtual Method Studio with my partner where I tried to work on my own courses and projects. This way I became an expert on scripting in Maya and other 3d softwares, teaching different courses on very specific areas like UI programming, efficiency, and such, at PlanetaCG (for now only in spanish), and in U-Tad university.

Then I started to learn about the videogame industry after different attempts through all my life, this time using Unreal and Unity, and started a more advanced Graphics Engineering career at Simumak, where I got proficent at efficiency, VR and my mathematical side, developing a framework for simulating soil modificadion by industrial machinery such as gigantic excavators built on mechanical platforms and VR.

Right now I'm working as a freelancer, creating tools and learning resources. My most important project for now is WaveMaker, my asset for simulating a fluid surface in realtime for Unity, and improving even more my mathematical and graphics knowlege. I'd like to become a good Graphics Programmer as well as a Technical Artist. Let's see how it goes.

I find amusement at learning new things, mixing it all and teaching others how to achieve it. Hopefully you're one of them.

Thanks for taking the interest of reading this.